Who and what is TruthBlitz?  Well in short, TruthBlitz.com started its life as an alt media site and YouTube channel but shortly after launching our main focus switched to cryptocurrency news and general cryptocurrency info.  Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology are here to stay!  Just as people thought the internet was a passing fad in the early 1990's and wouldn't amount to anything substantial, such is the cryptocurrency market.  Just as the dot com bubble burst and many companies disappeared, the strong and innovative companies survived and thrived!  The same will happen with the crypto market.  The bubble will pop and we will see a staggering amount of these coins and tokens go to the wayside.  But from that we will end up with the new Google's, Amazon's, Yahoo's and ebay's.  This is a very exciting time for humanity and the movement towards decentralization.  If you are smart enough to be reading this, congratulations!  Now if you haven't already, start a Coinbase account and start building a crypto portfolio.  If you need further assistance getting into some of the harder to obtain altcoins we I will be glad to assist you with this and your journey into the crypto space!

Matt G.

There’s a lot to be said when you can send thousands of dollar’s to a complete stranger on the other side of the planet, (more…)

Michael B.

Nicholas was very helpful and responded quickly to all the questions I had with the purchase. I’m very satisfied.

Eddie S.

Im not the Savviest tech guy and missed a lot of ICO opportunities do to my inability to maneuver around some of the exchanges.. Nick walked me through it and helped me through the protocols I was having trouble with (more…)


Nick is great. Came highly recommend from my buddy Sean over at SGT REPORT and now I see why. Thanks so much Nick!

Robin Morris

Nick was incredibly helpful and responsive, could not have done this without his Help.

Nick K.

Nick was super fast in responding and getting me into OMG. Def planning to work with him in the future!


I’ve been very interested to get in the ICO markets, but am smart enough to realize the dangers involved therein. Nicholas made it easy- (more…)

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